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Introducing our first game on Huddle

We’re excited to announce BrainBear Trivia, our first game on the Huddle platform!

Huddle is designed to be a platform with a range of social and team building games. But we had to start somewhere, and group trivia seemed like a good flagship game.

We wanted to create a group trivia game that:

  • Is super simple to set up and connect to
  • Could support a large amount of players
  • Featured a rotation of fresh, interesting trivia packs
  • Ran directly in your browser with no app installs

And so BrainBear Trivia was born. Also, who doesn’t love bears?

Here’s how BrainBear Trivia works on Huddle:

You select a game from our library of activities

Create custom trivia content for your team event or pick from our library

A lobby is created for all your players to join on their phones

Your group all plays at the same time

Get competitive!

We make it easy to create your own trivia packs right on our platform

Whats next for Huddle?

Trivia is just a way for us to show off what Huddle can be. We’re building a full suite of fun team games meant to break the ice amongst new team members, increase collaboration, and spark creativity.

But most of all, we’re just building Huddle to be as fun as possible.

Stay tuned for new games!