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How to make your trivia less boring

Trivia is the art of knowing a whole bunch of pointless things about various unimportant topics. Some of us know every Simpsons fact known to man but can’t remember our own social insurance number.

Trivia doesn’t have to make perfect sense, it just has to be fun. At the end of the day, no one remembers the questions and answers. They just remember how they felt after after the game. Excited? Bored? Did they laugh?

We’ve put together a list of ways to make trivia a lot more fun, based on the Huddle trivia games we’ve run so far.

Don’t make it feel like a high school pop quiz

No one likes a pop quiz about stuff they don’t know or have any interest in.

Create questions that are unique, fun and interesting. No one cares about dates and technicalities. Entertain and inform your audience at the same time.

Be hyper specific to your audience

Is it a history trivia? Make it about the city your audience is from.

Who from Toronto doesn’t know about the Ikea monkey

Include fun images to add personality to your trivia

People WILL judge a trivia by its cover. Make the cover image grab their attention. Something memorable, nostalgic or unique. You get the idea.

Create questions that make the player think creatively

Trick questions. Brain teasers. Riddles. Just don’t make them regurgitate facts or data.

Take the example below. The first line forces people to make a random guess, and the second version of that same question encourages them to think about what could be a realistic answer.

Inject humour into your questions and answers

We don’t have to explain why this is a good idea. Include occasional fun answers that will make your audience chuckle. (Hopefully)

Want to create your own trivia for your friends, family or co-workers? Use Huddle, a platform for super simple group games like trivia and more.